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Kinds of wallpapers
Wallpapers are, perhaps, the most accessible, cheapest and easiest way to make the house comfortable. They play a major role among all interior means of decoration.  Only need to buy a ready to be supplied in rolls of material and the right ...
Types of wallpapers and a few tips for choosing the wallpapers
Paper wallpapers This paper facing material with a color pattern, sometimes with an additional selective embossing or varnish coating pattern. Paper wallpaper divided into 2 types: - "simplex" and "Duplex."Simplex - a wallpaper with a single layer ...
What consider the designer, choosing wallpapers
When we observe how to choose wallpaper professional designers inadvertently catch myself thinking that he would have such a choice is not made. Could not even think that these wallpapers that you've seen a hundred times, would look perfect in your ...
Wallpapers gluing
So, you've already understand the diversity of wallpaper, to decide on the what type of wallpaper is right for you, and you're going to shop for their purchase. During thinking, pick a color and pattern carefully read the label, which must be under ...
Glue wallpapers yourself
Gluing walls with wallpapers - for the layman rather difficult exercise that requires patience and painstaking. So, before you start work, carefully thought-out plan, prepare all the necessary tools and materials. You will need a brush for sweeping ...
Vinyl wallpapers - interior decoration from classic to modern
  Vinyl wallpaper - what can we say about this wallpapers category of products? If you are interested in high quality, long life with relatively low cost, vinyl wallpapers - this ...
Technology of gluing wallpapers on non-woven basis
Wallpapers on non-woven basis- are widely popular today for the registration of various types of interiors. Some varieties can be used for painting, which will pick a suitable design for the rooms color scheme. Non-woven wallpapers are based on good, ...
History of wallpapers
History of Wallpaper started in China earlier 200 BC. It was at that time, China invented the rice paper and began to hang her walls of dwellings. Chinese masters kept the secret of making the paper almost 500 years. Only in the 6 th century Japanese ...
How much wallpapers to buy
Today, almost every store you can find a table in which the number of rolls of wallpaper is correlated with the area of the room and ceiling height, with a table indicates that the calculation is made for a room with one window and one door. For example, ...
Textile or fabric wallpapers
Textile or fabric wallpapers are the most expensive in the line of wallpapers. The bulk of the textile wallpaper is available in two-layer design. The first layer of fabric material, and the second layer of non-woven substrate. Textile wall are classified ...
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