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What consider the designer, choosing wallpapers

When we observe how to choose wallpaper professional designers inadvertently catch myself thinking that he would have such a choice is not made. Could not even think that these wallpapers that you've seen a hundred times, would look perfect in your room. Unfortunately we do not always have the opportunity to hire a specialist. So, go into all the details of design will itself.

When choosing wallpaper, we are usually guided by personal taste, not thinking so, will there a "dress" our room. To combine their idea of beauty with classical design principles, you must decide for themselves what will be drawing on the wallpaper and color scheme, whether to apply a border or use several kinds of wallpaper, whether the quality and texture of wallpaper Functionality premises, in harmony if you have chosen Wallpaper with an interior room.

In shops or on construction markets, sellers often offer a standard wallpaper samples combinations (wallpaper and border, or two kinds of wallpaper and border), and they mark out, at what level the floor or ceiling should pass the curb. This does not mean you have to buy the whole set, and talks about how there are many different combinations, of which you must choose your own version. What looks good on the sample may not be appropriate to existing interior and even discordant with the very premise. Therefore it is better to think over all the details himself, and possibly already with completed drafts to go in search of material. With today's abundance in the wallpaper market, the chances of finding your dream big.

1. Concrete objects. This category is often referred to simply as flowers, and painted can be anything, most importantly - to present a recurring image in a particular order: flower bouquet, teddy bear, boat, etc. In the general form of the premises affected by the size of image of the object, its contrast ( is how well it stands out against the background) and the frequency of its location.

Larger than the drawing, the space seem smaller, so a large enough figure to be good only where you can not exactly count the number of images in a row. Accordingly, a smaller figure slightly increases the size of the wall: if a person sees that it posted pictures of many subjects, he has a feeling that the wall is large. In other words, the image size must be chosen to fit the wall.

In addition, the small figure creates room for stylistic decisions interior, and a larger, concrete, easily legible often makes their claims to the atmosphere. Contrast the figure, the clarity and expressiveness of its contours must also be in harmony with the objects in the room, and consistent with its intended use.

The frequency of the picture sets the mood, but to a lesser extent affects the visual perception of room size. Very common pattern, especially if he is a big, a little nearer the wall, in some situations, this may create a sense of intimacy, intimacy, and in other cases - contrary to press. Rare picture makes the space more easily, he alienates the wall, and if it is enough light on top, designed in bluish tones, it creates the illusion of a certain lightness.

Whatever it was, the choice of wallpaper with a pattern must be implemented very carefully. For example, you can buy for the kitchen wallpaper with the image of objects of appropriate subjects, the average size and frequency of location - for this reason they will not be bored. But if you decorate a room seven baby wallpaper with Pooh Bear, whom he loves, then we must be prepared for what will have to glue them pretty soon. Shelf life in contemporary wallpapers to ten years, so you can imagine that would feel the guy thirteen or seventeen years, admiring the plush. Choosing wallpaper with pastoral pictures, antique, be aware that the whole situation would have to stand in the same style, camouflage techniques and subjects of modern life, and the size of the room at this needs to be impressive.

2. Abstract pattern. This group includes patterns, patterns, spots, brush strokes and other figures, about which you can not say exactly what they depict. They, as well as concrete images may have different sizes, intensity, clarity of outline, so for them the laws of visual perception of space, above. The general form of an abstract figure also defines the stylistic direction in which to create the master flat. If it is chaotic or simulate chaotic brush strokes on the background having a certain texture, that they are consistent style of hi-tech, but when it comes to eastern ornament, then the remaining elements of the room should be oriental.

There are a lot of neutral or non-binding patterns in the abstract wallpaper that will not bother, and if necessary, the owner will be able to somewhat change the overall style of the interior rooms, or even its purpose, not changing the wallpaper. Such wallpaper - perfect for rooms that serve multiple functions.

3. In the strip. Vertical stripes slim - it knows every woman. They also influence the room, that is, make it higher, but narrower. Moreover, the thinner and contrasting stripes, the effect is noticeable. But if there is a need not only to visually lift the ceiling, but without losing the feeling of space, it is permissible to use the broad bands with blurred boundaries, pick up the necessary colors. Designer like striped wallpaper combined with other species, such as a monophonic tone in one of the bands, separated their barrier.

4. Specks-spray. Such a pattern reminiscent of spray paint, stains, or with marked on a white or light colored walls, as well as fine-grained texture. There were such wallpaper is relatively young and perfectly combined with modern furnishings and layout of the apartment. They are difficult to consider riding a refined taste, although there are quite cute, but they do an excellent job with their problems - disguise uneven walls, especially if the wallpaper has a dense texture of a relief to disguise the spots that have appeared already in use, creates a light mood. They are suitable for youth interior room service appointment, closed veranda at a country house.

5. Solid wallpaper. Desktop without a pattern or unexpressed picture of themselves are the backdrop for any room environment. Therefore, to the interior did not look too official or strict, plain wallpaper is glued only to those rooms, where both have something to show (antique furniture, paintings or photographs under, any other decorative items). In addition, pure color will liven up the texture of wallpaper, borders, and a combination of several kinds of wallpaper. Importantly - remember that plain wallpaper can be glued only on a perfectly smooth and even wall: any error in the walls themselves, or wallpaper will spoil the appearance of the room, if the marriage is, of course, do not cover some panels or pots.

From the school curriculum it is known that there are cool colors: blue, green, blue, violet - and warm: red, orange, yellow, beige, brown. Often advised to rooms with windows to the south of wallpaper paste with cold, and the northern - warm. In some cases, this decision is justified, but it is not mandatory. Southern room with warm wallpaper is quite possible to give a child. And those who love the heat, summer and sun, will feel comfortable with. It will create extra warmth and high spirits even during the cloudy winter days, each orange dot on your figure drawing the sun. A northern cold room with wallpaper will refresh and invigorate - it is better to place an office, kitchen or dining room. This room will suit lovers of cool and winter sports.

Keep in mind that cool colors optically extend the space, and warm, on the contrary, compress it. The same can be said about light and dark tones. Light give more air and, hence, expand the space, the dark - bring the wall, thus reducing it. For example, easily imagine the same room, covered with light blue and dark brown wallpaper. Of course, in the first version, it will look bigger. But this does not mean that the choice must always stop at light and cool colors. To achieve various decorative effects and fitness for a particular style and purpose of the premises, the nature and age of the person who will live in it, use warm and rich tone.

It is known that colors have an impact on the human nervous system. But people are different, each has its own tastes and preferences. Therefore, choosing a color scheme is primarily guided not by the precepts of the "red braces, a green and calm, and the dictates of his own taste, take into account the peculiarities of matching these colors with home furnishings, especially as the flowers themselves are rarely used in pure form. Therefore, please you will not be a certain color, a harmonious interior.

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