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The design of the house seems incomplete, and the interior is empty and lifeless? Add a fire, make a spark and make everything play highlights and shining drops gorgeous play of light and shadows. Classic lamps and chandeliers from Italy will be refined element and the logical conclusion of any design and placement will help you soak up the spirit of Italy. Our company represents a collection of luxury chandeliers known firms - Italian factory MINILUCE and factories of northern Italy - FAUSTIG Italy.

MINILUCE known factory from Italy, which produces light in a classical style for several decades. In the manufacture of their products MINILUCE uses materials such as Murano glass, crystal, crystal Swarovski and cloth.

Colors of armature: gold of 24 carats, nickel, gold, aged and aged nickel. The armatures are made of brass, which is an ideal base for galvanization. The armature for any model can be made in any of these colors without price change.
In the crystal chandeliers MINILUCE can be used 2 types of pendants: Full lead and Swarovski.

 Full lead crystal has a lead content of 30%. Pendants Full lead can only be transparent. Crystal Swarovski is also known under the brand name STRASS - world-famous Austrian crystal brand.  Crystal Swarovski are notable for a high content of lead (PbO) -30% , the most precise faceting and perfect polishing with a special anti-static coating that prevents dust settling.  For protection the brand Swarovski against fakes, in the body of each pendant there is a special marking in the form of corporate icon Swarovski - the pyramids.

Unlike crystal Full lead, Swarovski crystal can be not only transparent, but also colored, that allows you to choose chandelier with pendants of color you prefer, adding to your chandelier additional individuality.

Factory MINILUCE is known all over the world for its unusual design, the highest quality materials and components, hand work - these all make products from MINILUCE unique and unrepeatable!

Official site of the factory MINILUCE: 

Company FAUSTIG the largest world manufacturer of crystal chandeliers.

 Family business FAUSTIG is the world leader in crystal chandeliers manufacture in Germany. For nearly 50 years FAUSTIG chandeliers decorate homes, palaces, museums and theaters. The combination of exclusive design and highest quality become a business card of the factory. In the collections of this company classical models traditionally prevail, however, the modern fashion trends also have found their place in the product range FAUSTIG.

Today company FAUSTIG produces about 1000 various typical chandeliers, and also has already created more than 10 thousand of original authoring copies, made according to individual customers' requests. The enterprise FAUSTIG located in Munich and Briksene (northern Italy), and the crystal used in the chandeliers, made by company Swarovski, whose excellent raw materials, cutting and polishing technologies are known all over the world. As a finishing masters use gold and silver, nickel and bronze, brass and steel.

Each of the chandeliers FAUSTIG is a work of art from the crystal. All materials from which chandeliers are created have the extra quality. Refraction and luster of the factory models can be compared only with diamonds, and the design and style of chandeliers so varied that it is easy to choose chandeliers practically for every placement.
The most famous chandelier FAUSTIG was made in 2000. It height is14 m and it diameter is 8 meters. The weight of this beauty is more than 8.5 tons. This original chandelier decorates the main mosque of Oman today; it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Official site of the factory FAUSTIG:


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