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La Stil Sedia


We are happy to provide furniture of the Italian elite furniture factories STILEMA and La Stil Sedia. The aroma of wood, natural colors and harmony of forms lives in every creation of these factories. The accuracy of processing, which provides staff, careful selection of materials and use only wood, dried in special kilns, allow them to reach high reliability of products.

Furniture in Italy has deep roots. For several centuries, Italian furniture factories carefully preserve the traditions of furniture makers, their secrets and techniques for creation furniture of the highest quality. But the Italian furniture is not only a tradition, it is constant search, improvement, new technology and, of course, the new design. One thing is certain - Italy is a trendsetter of furniture fashion. Italian designers never cease to amaze us with their masterpieces for the interior of our homes, offices, hotels, theaters.

Classic and modern, luxury and asceticism - everyone can find for itself in the Italian furniture what exactly suits the tastes and abilities. But besides the appearance Italian furniture is characterized by very high quality, which is provided on the one hand a wealth of experience of Italian masters, but on the other - using the latest technology, even in the production of classical furniture. It's not a secret that in the middle of last century became the main fashion designer in the furniture world.

But now everything is so changed, all styles have mixed and it is hard to imagine how should be pure classic, symbol of the furniture in Italy. It is generally accepted that the classic Italian furniture combines traditional round shapes, natural materials and soft texture. And, as well as all classical, such furniture aspires to underline reliability and a status of created interior. With this purpose, many Italian furniture factories specifically use technologies to achieve the effect of aged furniture, which further emphasizes the respectability of appearance, for example, corroded wood and patinated bronze.

It is often used hand finishing, which also increases the level of such furniture in Italy and makes it look like a historic antique originals. For the manufacturing of modern furniture are used precious natural woods. Italian furniture at the same time is simple enough and laconic that underlines its nobility even more.

But its highlight consists of the hand-finishing, nobility of used materials, incrustation by bronze, pearls and other precious and exquisite materials.

The classical Italian furniture can become a worthy decoration of any apartment, house or family manor. Such Italian furniture usually found in the interiors of balanced business people who believe in themselves and in the future.

Furniture of Italian factories STILEMA and La Stil Sedia.  is the best choice for connoisseurs of true quality. This furniture will serve you for a long time, and you will never regret that became a buyer of Italian furniture.
Our company is proud that we can offer products of such high quality to our costumers.  


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