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Zambaiti Parati

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DONATELLO 2015 action of collection
If you need not just the wallpaper with a beautiful picture, but really neat wallpaper that is convenient and easy to clean glue that do not rush and do not burn out, we suggest you opt for the unique wallpaper of the famous company «Zambaiti Parati SPA are made exclusively at the factory in Italy.
«Zambaiti Parati Group» combines the following companies:

Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. (Italy) Italian factory wallpaper

Belgravia Decor (England), Incisioni D'Arte (Italy) design company

Zambaiti France (France) under the brand name wallpaper "Tiffanie",

Zambaiti China (China) factory wallpaper brand "C & D" and "D & C".

Our company offers a wallpaper company Zambaiti Parati SPA (Italy), made only in a factory in Italy, because we value above all the quality and exclusivity is wallpaper made in Italy. On the site you can find collections Zambaiti Parati SPA ., Which are produced exclusively at the factory in Italy.
Factory «Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. . "Produces papers under such trademarks as: Murella, Happidea, Zambaiti, Wally Casa. The range includes three-dimensional vinyl, non-woven-based fashion and textile wallpaper in a variety of styles - from traditional to the most fashionable trends.
Best Italian factory Zambaiti Parati SPA form a sort of elite in our market. Company Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. - A trendsetter in the world market. For these typical Italian charm wallpaper and the extraordinary range of colors. Shades are clean, very pleasant to the eye. An extensive range of single color vinyl will create a strict but elegant interior.
Best Italian factory Zambaiti Parati SPA an European standard of quality, eco-friendly, high density (370-480 g/cm2) and embossing depth and excellent aesthetic properties. Wallpaper company Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. not only beautiful, they are made of high quality paper and vinyl cleaner, they are completely absent of harmful chemicals, they meet the safety standard, which is used in the manufacture of children's toys.
The products are manufactured using the latest technology, which allows for the "effect of tissue." Pattern on wallpaper is applied light resistant inks that are not washed away and do not remain on the rag. Therefore, they can be cleaned with a powder brush: they are resistant to mechanical stress. Wallpaper easily absorb the glue does not crawl under the label and firmly against the wall.
All rolls - standard European sizes: roll length 10,05 m, width 0.53 m, 0.70 m or 1.06 m plinth wallpaper run length of 5 m and a width of 1.05 meters in length curbs 10m, width they range from 3 to 25 cm All wallpapers produced by the company are not glued to the edge and "butt."
Wallpapers can "make" any interior: transform home beyond recognition, will help expand the space, a good mood and dramatically improve health.
We offer you a full range of wallpaper, produced by the factory Zambaiti Parati SPA, which is more than 1500 kinds of wallpaper. At the moment, all these wallpapers can be seen in 23 existing and 7-promotional catalogs, presented to you. Wallpaper collections are constantly updated, following the latest requirements of fashion. Updated each year more than 500 kinds of wallpaper. That is 3 years updated the whole range.
For a quarter century Zambaiti Parati SPA gained a reputation as a firm that is able to guess the desires of buyers and follow new, the most recent trends in interior design.


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