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   Offer you a site gives an overview of the main activities of our company, which since 1996 has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market of finishing materials.
All these years, interior design has been and remains a priority of our activity. Our company is the exclusive supplier to the Ukrainian market of elite wallpaper famous Italian company Zambaiti Parati SPA Enjoying in the European market, reputable, ensuring excellent quality and is an example of design art. Today, our company is represented by a network of stores under the brand names of Bergamo in Kiev, Lviv, Kirovograd, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities, as well as our extensive network of partners.
Two new areas of activity of our company, which are an integral part of the interior - is the lighting and high-end custom wallpaper. Coverage of a wide range of crystal chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces firms MINILUCE (Italy) and FAUSTIG Italy (Germany). Elite Custom wallpapers are paper and wallpaper Flok HOLDEN DECOR (England) and textile wall-paper factory PRINT 4 (Italy).
Our main suppliers are the name of Italian factories, undisputed authority who earn hundreds of years: for many years the whole family clans engaged in the manufacture, fulfilling their individual and recognizable style, transferring knowledge from generation to generation. Collection of famous Italian designers are constantly updated - this is why the Italian style is especially popular and loved by our customers.
We hope that our wide product range, extensive dealer network throughout Ukraine and favorable terms of cooperation will be of interest to you.
Invite you to visit Kiev International Furniture Forum KIFF 2014 - the main furniture exhibition in Ukraine.

Italian wallpapers – fireworks of unforgettable impressions

If you need more than just wallpapers with a beautiful design, but really high quality wallpapers, which will be easy to glue and wash, which don’t break and don’t fade, we suggest you to stop the choice on unique Italian wallpapers of the famous company Zambaiti Parati S.P.A.

Factory Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. includes such brands as: Murella, Happidea, Zambaiti, Wally Casa. The whole range of the factory is presented by vinyl wallpapers, wallpapers on fleece basis and fashion textile wallpapers in different styles - from traditional to the most fashionable styles.

 The wallpapers of Italian factory Zambaiti Parati S.P.A.  form some kind of elite on our market. Company Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. - trendsetter in the global market. For these wallpapers are typical Italian flair and extraordinary range of colors. Shades are clean, very pleasant to the eye. An extensive range of monophonic vinyl will create a strict, but elegant interior.

The wallpapers of Italian factory Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. have the European standard of quality, environmentally clean material, high density (370-480 g/cm2) and the depth of embossing, as well as excellent aesthetic properties. The wallpapers of Zambaiti Parati S.P.A. not only beautiful, they are made of high quality paper and clean vinyl, they are completely absent harmful chemicals, they are consistent with the safety standards that are used in toys manufacturing.


For true connoisseurs of style - wallpaper, flock and textile luxury wallcoverings for order.

     Our company exclusively represents in Ukraine English company «HOLDEN DECOR», which specializes in paper and flock wallpaper, and Italian company «PRINT4», which specializes in textile wallcoverings.

Established since 1991, Holden Decor is a specialist in premium quality wallcoverings. Despite the variety of wall coverings, wallpaper is still common and widely used type of decorative wall covering. The main advantage of wallpaper - it is their environmental friendliness, as they are made out of paper.

The company «PRINT4» was founded in Italy in 1973 and specialized in home textiles. Due to the accumulated years of experience, high technical capabilities and highly skilled creative staff, the company could develop and started to produce a wide range of textile wall coverings, designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Now  Print4 isdintroduces to the market as one of the best Italian manufacturers of textile coatings for walls and fabrics for curtains.

Chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces –are an integral part of the interior

      The design of the house seems incomplete, and the interior is empty and lifeless? Add a fire, make a spark and make everything play highlights and shining drops gorgeous play of light and shadows. Classic lamps and chandeliers from Italy will be refined element and the logical conclusion of any design and placement will help you soak up the spirit of Italy. Our company represents a collection of luxury chandeliers known firms - Italian factory MINILUCE and factories of northern Italy - FAUSTIG Italy.


    MINILUCE known factory from Italy, which produces light in a classical style for several decades. In the manufacture of their products MINILUCE uses materials such as Murano glass, crystal, crystal Swarovski and textile. On our website you can see the catalogue of this factory and buy the Italian chandeliers, representing fine Italian decorative light. In your placement classical sconces, chandeliers MINILUCE will play new light and create fantastic atmosphere. The Italian classic classical chandeliers MINILUCE is perfection which will add style to an interior of any location and become the main, central element of composition. 


  Company FAUSTIGthe largest world manufacturer of crystal chandeliers. Family business FAUSTIG – is the world leader in crystal chandeliers manufacture in Germany. For nearly 50 years FAUSTIG chandeliers decorate homes, palaces, museums and theaters. The combination of exclusive design and highest quality become a business card of the factory. Almost all classical chandeliers are produced according to ancient rules, which masters pass from generation to generation and keep under the strong secret. As a result they turn out in elegance, which have only chandeliers FAUSTIG. In the collections of this company classical models traditionally prevail, however, the modern fashion trends also have found their place in the product range FAUSTIG.


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