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English wallpaper HOLDEN DECOR

Established since 1991, Holden Decor is a specialist in premium quality wallcoverings.

English wallpaper HOLDEN DECOR are represented in following collections:

  1. REGENT - a timeless classical collection of textured wallpapers featuring leaf patterns and ornate damasks with co-ordinating plains.
  2. BLOOMSBURY- an elegant and timeless luxury floral paste the wall collection. Beautiful English country garden themed painterly trails and floral motifs with industrial textures. Subtle scenes and stunning birds as well as botanical and ornate elements.
  3. FUSION - a diverse and eye catching collection of conversational wallpapers. A fusion of styles and themes including oriental, photographic, travel nostalgia, city scenes, retro, geometrics and the love of nature.
  4. PARADISE- a dramatic tropical themed paste the wall collection with a vivid colour pallet. It incorprates wild floral and jungle leaves, Indian patterns and damasks with a modern twist of animals, birds and metallics.
  5. PORTFOLIO a striking and diverse collection of conversational wallpapers with unexpected themes. British Eccentric, Photographic, Nostalgia and Typography feature.
  6. CAMILLE - capturing the timeless charms of nature, Camille is a luxury paste-the-wall wallcovering collection of floral and fauna patterns. Beautiful botanical drawings and romantic painterly trails feature both as designs and as elements within collages.
  7. EMPORIUM2 - a stylish and quirky wallcoverings collection. Typography and photographic designs feature in photo-realistic, monochrome and fashion- led colour palettes.
  8. GARDENIA - a classical, understated non-woven wallcoverings collection with shimmering micas and chalky matt contrasts. 
  9. KANARA - a vibrant non-woven collection of painterly, exotic and classical florals with complementary patterns. 
  10. PLAY TIME - a fun and colourful wallpaper collection for your little ones. 
  11. KEW - a beautiful luxury non-woven collection that is inspired by classic British design with a modern colour palette.
  12. LINKS - is an elegant and contemporary collection of beaded wallcoverings on non-woven with matt and mica/metallic effects in an understated colour palette.
  13. TWO BY TWO - a fun and exciting children's collection for the nursery and up to 9 years of age.
  14. ALANIS is a collection of genuine flock wallcoverings.  

Wallpaper for order, delivery time: up to 30 days.

The official site of HOLDEN DECOR LTD (England) is  

 Italian textile wallpaper PRINT4

Print4 manufactures a large range of wallcoverings in jacquard and printed with different matching designs, with modern and classical tastes. Natural fabrics such as linen, coton , dyed with non-toxic colours and enduring resistance combine to form traditional and modern designs with which to create different coordinations for all types of ambients. The collections consist of a large variety of new and modern products, water, oil- resistant and flameproof. Produced with tecnichal charachteristics of high technology, they are especially suitable for public/private comunities. 

Italian textile wallpaper PRINT4 are represented in  following collections:

  1. ELITE - New jacquards wallcoverings, waterproof, oil resistant and fire retardant. The classic designs are produced on looms with natural yarns and light resistant and dust proof colours. Suitable for public areas, restaurants and hotels. They are matched with textiles for high tech forniture to give a touch of simplicity, efficiency and a pleasant atmosphere.
  2. IN STYLE SILK - A new collection of silk wall coverings with patterns that highlight the fabrics wonderful qualities. Made with the aid of advanced technology, these wall coverings combine large-scale classic and modern motifs with the very latest colours. A collection of elegant good taste for those who love and love to enjoy their home.
  3. NEW CLASSIC - A charming collections of wallcoverings with coordinated trimmings. Jacquard textiles in width 133/ retardant class a (usa).waterproof Washable textiles in 100% linen.
  4. PALACE - A new, original, functional, modern wall-covering brilliant under the light that will allow you to create a precious and unique style to your home. The design has been inspired not only by tradition but also by current trends and style. Textiles are manufactured by yarns in modern colours including lame to give the rooms a special touch to the rooms. They are jacquard style wall-coverings, washable, light, dust-resistant and easy to apply
  5. TENDENCE - These are manufactured with the most precious of yarns together with the magic of the jacquard style. This is the dominant theme of this new collection of wall-coverings. Damask, drawn in an intricate effect of soft colours with floral patterns that under the light shine with changing hues. Elegant drawings, of a refined style and manufacturing technique, that allow to customize each room in a warm and stylish way. It is washable, light, dust-resistant and easy to apply.
  6. TRENDY - presents a magnificent collection of textile wall coverings with a wide range of exclusive designs to convey your individual taste and lifestyle. Golden yellow, deep blue and beige are just a few of the colours used for these splendid wall decorations which may be used in any room. A new, original collection designed to meet the tastes of a broad audience, including young adults, featuring an interplay of attractive, bright effects which may be used to create stunning decorative solutions.

Wallpaper for order, delivery time: up to 30-45 days.  

The official site of  Print4 (Italy) is 



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